Employee Recognition: Because rewards mean more when they come with thanks

Where could you be more strategic in your total rewards spend? Are you funneling much of it into an annual bonus?

New research from Wharton shows that the annual bonus, a staple of many total rewards programs, can actually lead to unethical behavior, fuel turnover, and foster envy among co-workers. Sounds like unnecessary drama – and money wasted. More importantly, the performance boost of an annual bonus diminishes within weeks.

Read our e-book and learn a better way:

  • Why employee recognition is a powerful management breakthrough
  • How to get more bang for your buck – and sooner
  • Ways to improve performance management, retention, and employer brand

A little rethinking and reallocation means you can increase your margins without adding a penny to your budget.

The power of thanks is real, it has proven business impact, and now it’s at your fingertips. A Globoforce social recognition solution can help you sustain incremental engagement all year long—that’s in addition to making real impacts on retention, employer brand, culture, and performance management.

Read our e-book and learn 7 ways employee recognition drives business success, including how it can:

  • Lead to 8% higher revenue per employee
  • Lead to a workforce that is 26x more likely to be fully engaged
  • Increase retention by 3%

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