Thank you for your interest in Workhuman Certified.

At this time, we are no longer accepting Workhuman Certified Enterprise applications. To become a Workhuman Certified Professional, and an individual human workplace champion, click here to access the self-paced program. For any questions about Workhuman Certified, please email [email protected]

Become a Workhuman Certified Professional

Certified Professional is a self-paced, exploratory program that reinforces the power of humanity in the workplace to energize cultures, unlock human potential, and unite diverse workforces around a shared purpose.

Whether you are a business leader, human resources professional, or individual contributor, Workhuman Certified Professional is for anyone interested in learning more about human-centric workplace practices.

Nine content tracks provide a roadmap for creating a more human workplace. Building upon your existing knowledge and organizational practices, you will learn:

  • How the Workhuman Certified traits come to life within human-centric organizations
  • Strategies to help drive change and more human connection in your workplace
  • Tips to create an effective business proposal and gain buy-in to move initiatives forward to create a more human workplace

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